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Specialist Areas

Physical Education 

Our Physical Education program aims to teach our students the fundamental skills they will need in life as well as game play, tactics, and sportsmanship. 

Students in Years 1-6 have weekly lessons with our Physical Education Specialist and Kindy and Pre-Primary do Fundamental Movement activities with their classroom teachers.

Throughout the year, our students get to participate in many clinics from local sporting groups, events such as Cross Country and our Athletics Carnival, as well as regional events such as Interschool Swimming and Athletics Carnivals.

Languages (Indonesian) with Ibu Sarah

Students from Year 3-6 study Indonesian for 60 minutes per week. 

The focus for learning is on understanding and communicating in Indonesian and exposure to the culture and geography of one of our closest neighbours.

Lessons use a variety of games, songs, online resources, art and written work to enhance student engagement and enjoyment.

Our classroom is a safe place for all to participate and practice what we have learnt.

You can support your child at home by downloading the Languages Online app for Indonesian; the DuoLingo app is also great for older students and their parents.

STEM with Miss Townsend

Our design and technology curriculum aims to increase our students capacity to think creatively about real world problems and come up with solutions. It is innovative and helps to prepare our students with the knowledge and skills they will need as they grow up.

Science with Miss Townsend

Our science curriculum inspires students to think curiously and ask questions about the world. All students in years 1-6 participate in our specialist Science program once a week and learn science content including biology, chemistry and physics, and science inquiry skills, Students investigate and explore the world around them in our purpose built science room. 


Harvey Primary School

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