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How Do I Know What Is Happening At School?

Communication between home and school is very important.  Your understanding and knowledge of school events, classroom programs and activities will be enhanced by:

  • Reading the school newsletter which is emailed fortnightly.

  • Downloading the free ClassDojo or Seesaw Apps from either Apple Store or Google Play Store. These apps are used by our teachers for communication with families.

  • Reading notes issued by your child's teacher.

  • Attendance at planned classroom events.

  • Attendance at school assemblies.

  • Attendance at P&C meetings



(Used by Years 1-6 teachers)

You should have your unique code from your child’s teacher. If not, please email your child’s teacher, or get in contact with them for it.




(Used by our Kindergarten and PrePrimary teachers)

For communicating and sharing classroom experiences.

                        Both Apps Available At 



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